How to Secure Your Data Online

A well-planned strategy for online security is essential to protect your company and customers. It is also crucial to keep trust and maintain an image of goodwill. If sensitive information is not secured properly, it could be accessed by the wrong people, leading to violations of regulations, fraud, and reputational damage.

Data breaches can impact anyone from individuals to huge corporations. Data stolen can be used to perpetrate identity theft as well as phishing scams, corporate or government espionage, as well as ransomware attacks.

The encryption of your data is the best way to protect it online. This includes data that is in rest which includes your emails, documents and other files that are stored. Encrypting the data ensures only you have access to it and that no one else will even be able to be able to read it if they steal your messages.

You should be aware of the websites you visit and the ways they gather your personal information. Many popular sites now have options to restrict the amount of your personal data they collect. You can opt out of the tracking feature on Facebook and Twitter and configure your browser to not save usernames and passwords.

Don’t forget to back up your data, and do it regularly. Keep your backup in someplace other than your office and encrypt it if you can. If you ever encounter a flood or fire your data will be protected. The EFF’s Firefox, Chrome and Opera-supported Privacy Badger can help with this. It examines your browsing habits, and blocks ads-trackers.

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